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Jessup's General Store

  • by RR Team
  • 03,May 21
Jessup's General Store
One very specific general store of unique designs!
A very specific general gtore has come to Regina.

Regina, meet Karli Jessup!!! 

Karli is an exceptional young lady who is all about art. In our visit to the Broom Closet (see our article), we were amazed to find Jessup’s General Store which specializes in very original and intricate designs for clothing, screens and just about anything else you can think of. 

Karli Jessup has been in the world of art and occult practices since university and her quiet demeanour masks a very beautiful soul. We had a lot of questions about her “general store” concept and she agreed to an interview with us. Watch below.

Learn About The Store

Karli’s collaboration with Donna Kruger from the Broom Closet brings together the world of art with the arcane concepts which are held in our popular culture. Her designs are both intriguing to the eye as well as loaded with powerful symbology to the initiated.

We were lucky to purchase one of her designs which featured the two headed serpent which symbolized the serpentine energy in all of us called caduceus by hypocrites and Kundalini by the Yogis of India. 

Karli’s designs are loaded with meaning and substance and the look of her work is amazing. We were able to take some photos of her work to show you below.



So for those of you who are interested in completely original designs done professionally we invite you to check out this amazing artist at or check her out on instagram @jessups_general_store