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A Message for Wellness Professionals in Regina

  • by RR Team
  • 03,May 21
A Message for Wellness Professionals in Regina
Christine Borschneck has a message for Wellness Professionals in Regina
Dear Wellness Professional,

Have you ever had clients tell you how big of a difference you made in their lives? It’s such a beautiful thing to hear, isn't it? You are here to make an impact and guide transformation and you have the power to positively change the course of a person's life. You guide and coach your clients and give them the tools they need to transform their businesses and their lives. Ultimately, they see you as a compass that will direct them to their success. Whether that’s being successful in finding a new and lasting love, getting ahead in their business venture, or simply becoming a better version of themselves. They look up to you as someone who is constantly leading them… But tell me, were there times in your life when you were doing such excellent work steering your clients in the right direction…...and yet on the inside, you were struggling to keep your OWN boat afloat?

Or maybe you’ve experienced instances of massive expansion, such as an influx of new clients speaking opportunities, and great business deals...…and instead of being in flow and excited to take on the next project, you felt oddly overwhelmed with the immensity of what’s in front of you?

To the point that you got ill, felt demotivated, and had you wondering if there is another way? I totally understand where you’re coming from. You are here on a mission and you lead your clients through transformation, without fail! - and yet you also need someone to hold your hand as you make a difference in all their lives. Now, any coach or transformational leader might tell you that a simple switch in perspective can do the trick. But it is NOT as simple as changing your thought bubble from “I’m feeling overwhelmed” to “I’m so excited for this new opportunity to grow!” ;)

The missing piece.

The MISSING PIECE is to release the often-unconscious trauma, which may have been holding your nervous system hostage, and is still stuck in your body. Fully embody the change you bring to others by mastering how to unblock yourself from receiving and unlock your expansion. So if you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation before or are constantly feeling overwhelmed with the expansion pains that you’re experiencing in your life as someone who influences others, then I have the most perfect place for you!


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Remember that you’re an influencer on a mission who is always ready to make a difference in other people’s lives, and NOTHING should ever stop you from doing so!

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