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Regina Community Fridge

  • by RR Team
  • 01,Feb 21
Regina Community Fridge
It is a mutual aid space; a community organization, where people take responsibility in caring for one another, by redistributing resources and power. The focus of the fridge is to help those facing nutritional insecurity:
The focus of the Regina Community Fridge is to help those facing nutritional insecurity.

It is a place that allows the community easy 24/7 access to free, fresh and nutritious food.

You can find it at 3037 Dewdney Avenue, Regina, outside the Regina Family Pharmacy (with a thanks to pharmacist Brijesh Patel).

Food is offered to anyone who needs it. Just take what you need and leave what you can.

Stigma around food insecurity continues to persist in our society. Barriers to proper nutrition are growing worse through the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis. People in the city are in need of accessible and nutritious food for themselves and their families.

The Regina Community Fridge is based off models in Calgary and Toronto. Danielle Froh has been the organizer of the project.

A beautiful community effort of donations in construction services, sign creation, volunteer stocking/cleaning, and business support has advanced the fridge along quickly.

The fridge planning began in August of 2020 and opened on December 14th, 2020.



Items To Donate

  • 1

    Granola bars, dry goods, single serving snacks


  • 2

    Fresh fruit and vegetables


  • 3

    Sealed, non alcoholic beverages (juice, milk, water etc)


  • 4

    Hygiene Products


Please avoid donating expired or opened foods, home cooked meals, dented cans, moudly produce, and raw meat.


Move your donation to the back to move the older items to the front.

Anyone can donate to the fridge.





The fridge is cared for by the community and welcomes volunteers. There is an open method of communication between the community and the fridge leaders.


Fridge leaders communicate the status of the fridge via email and instagram.

The community is able to message when there is not enough food, too much food, or if cleaning is needed.


You can find the instagram @Reginacommunityfridge. Follow for posts, stories, or to send direct messages. is the contact for Danielle Froh.


A GoFundMe page has been set up for the Regina Community Fridge.

This provides support to continuing maintenance cost, supplies, and to help volunteers become certified in Food Safety.

You can find it at the following:


Volunteers and Maintenance

Volunteers are be necessary for twice daily cleaning of the fridge. Volunteering gaps are posted and filled using instagram stories and direct messaging.' isor volunteers to sign up for cleaning shifts. Every Sunday, we clear the volunteer sheet, and allow to to be refilled for the week. Volunteers sign up at our LinkTree, which is posted in the link at our bio in our Instagram page.

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