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Is Crazy The New Sexy?

  • by RR Team
  • 03,Apr 21
Is Crazy The New Sexy?
Some personality tests to help you find your true and stable partner
Do you remember not so long ago when men and women were sane? Maybe we actually weren't normal, but we still pretended to be.


It seems like just yesterday that you could have a semi-normal conversation without a scandelous photo being sent your way. Now it's the new normal to rant about how many times you've been on a horrible date or rejected.


We live in some strange and unusual times indeed my friends. It seems like mental health is no longer in fashion for those of us who are unlucky enough to be seeking love on popular dating apps. We know all too well what murky waters lie out there.


So, I suppose the simple question is where has sanity gone? Did it move to another city? Or is it that crazy is the new sexy?

Here are some common examples of classic dating app profiles.


Chester: A man sitting on his lawn chair butt naked with a poodle in his hand…… Why is your display pic full of nudity Chester? And we’re not talking about the dog either.

Leanne: Her display name description is “jilted, but still hopeful”. Kinda makes you want to melt inside doesn’t it? Yup melt way from Leanne. FAR AWAY!

Joe: Proud of his muddy truck. Unfortunately, there are no actual photos of himself. Just the bio "Probably your average guy with issues". It's unclear who you are attracting. Who would spend their limited non-isolation time trying to meet up with someone without a picture?


So let’s examine this concept because it is necessary to understand this new craze (all puns intended).

It's possible that a lot of these people are trying to advertise the “I’m broken. Come and fix me” paradigm. Some may be crying out for help to the wrong authority. The internet has never been a place where individuals can get sound mental health advice. 


Many of these people would say that they are being honest and transparent. It gives us “sane” individuals a chance to glimpse through the regular instagram facade and have a genuinely look at the people they may be hoping to attract.


They may also not be serious enough to actually want a relationship. An app is just for fun to see where things go if they are lucky enough.


Let's also recognize the drama queens in our midst (applies to both men and women). You know these people who create messes out of thin air like Gandalf or Harry Potter. There's always that one ex-girlfriend or boyfriend who just couldn’t handle a peaceful relationship. 


Whatever the case, it seems ‘crazy’ has become the new sexy. Dysfunctional is here to stay. So what do you dear reader have to do to keep yourself from the crazies? 


Well for one, you might want to indicate by wearing a tee shirt which says NO DRAMA ZONE, or CRAZIES STAY CLEAR and put this as a headline on your dating app profile. 


So what solution are we offering? We have developed the ultimate cray cray litmus test for people who want to date you from personality to sexuality in three simple tests. Check it out Regina.


It may mean the difference between a couple minutes and a few months of unnecessary pain. They are here:


Please enjoy those because they can save you a ton of time……

We wish you luck Regina singles!