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Live Well: The most important fitness resource in the city

  • by RR Team
  • 03,Apr 21
Live Well: The most important fitness resource in the city
Regina finally has a gym FOR EVERYONE.
Dear Reader,


Have we got a story for you today! It's about the Live Well Exercise Clinic in North Regina. 

I want to tell you about our team's visit to the facility and how blown away we were by the customer service and the atmosphere of a gym that got everything right.

Are you sitting there thinking "what's so special about a gym?" 

This is not your ordinary gym with an ugly competative vibe. This gym is for everyone regardless of fitness level, body shape, age, or gender. 

Dont's believe us? Watch the video below to get the feel of the place!


Live Well is one of those necessary businesses to a community.


Our visit there revealed a whole cross section of people who are usually disenfranchised by the fitness community. I'm mainly talking about seniors or others with possible restrictions.


Live Well greets everyone with open arms and helps you through any insecurities or health issues. They track your progress and create a community that encourages eachother.


We were absolutely impressed by the way the staff went out of their way to make these customers feel at home. Imagine the amazing benefits that you or your loved ones could receive by going here.


Many people's experience with going to a gym has always been that "it is where the fit kids go." The truth of the matter is that seniors either get a personal trainer to take them through stuff or they are largely ignored in a regular gym setting while the hardcore gym crew get on with their workouts.


At Live Well we saw people who had signed up for a regular gym membership get personalized attention from really qualified staff members. Most of these employees have even studied Kinesiology at the University level!


Just listen below as Brenda Yungwirth (owner of Live Well Exercise Clinic) explains the experience at her facility

Interview with Brenda from Live Well Exercise Clinic

There is no disadvantage to trying out this amazing business. Brenda (the owner) has made a massive effort to make sure that every base is covered. The machines were wiped down (by staff) and an atmosphere of safety was maintained throughout the entire visit. 


Benda informed me that for those seniors and members who were most at risk from catching Covid, online zoom classes were started to accomodate them.


Like other businesses, fitness facilities were very much affected by the pandemic. This is definitely a facility which is a very important community resource that Regina cannot afford to lose. 


We at Regina Real want to take the effort to express our thanks to the team at Live Well Exercise Clinic for serving the Regina Community and for having us over. We hope that you guys continue to make Regina a better place for many years to come.