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Mortise & Tenon

  • by RR Team
  • 03,Apr 21
Mortise & Tenon
An eco-friendly highlight of our city!
We would like to introduce you to a business we are very proud to have in Regina- Mortise & Tenon.
What makes your store different and what do you offer?
We've been providing a curated collection of clothing, home decor, kitchen accessories, and local artwork/crafts since we first opened. We have really focused on bringing in a lot of the eco-friendly and sustainable products that we looked for and couldn't find in Regina. M&T opened our bulk refillery for soaps, haircare, and cleaning supplies in 2016, and our customers have really loved that. We still carry all of the great gifts we've had since we first opened (candles, cutting boards, local artwork, etc.), but our proudest achievement is establishing the province's largest selection of refillable products. Our goal is to make it easy for folks to make small changes in their lives that lead to big impacts for the environment. 
What kinds of products do you sell?
The vision for M&T was to be a modern general store so we have cast iron cookware, greeting cards, a coffee bar, compost systems, water bottles, we brew kombucha, you name it. A little bit of everything for every customer. We have a large selection of deodorants, hand and body washes, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, cleaning products, and more, all on our bulk refillery program. In addition to that, we have all the kitchen gadgets, locally made crafts, artwork, and clothing we can get our hands on.

What are your purchasing options?
We set up our free in-town delivery (over $20) at the very beginning of Covid, and our customers pivoted to the online ordering platform very quickly ( We are currently open Wednesday to Saturday 10am-5pm, with curbside pickup available. We can't wait to be open 7 days a week again, but only when it's safe to do so!
Why is what you do so important?
Mortise & Tenon's hope is that we can help folks make small, simple changes to their lifestyle that will have a big impact in the grand scheme. We recognize that 'zero waste' isn't always possible, but striving to eliminate single use plastics, unnecessary containers, and to provide sustainable replacements for everyday items is an easy and achievable way to reduce our impact on the planet. 
We also run a program in the store that allows customers who decline a bag to donate the cost of the bag to a local community organization. Since we started that program, we've been able to donate thousands of dollars that would normally go to our shopping bag supplier, to organizations in Regina. 
In addition to our environmental goals, we also have a 'fundraising gallery' where we work with local artists to raise money for underfunded community organizations. For our last project, we commissioned an original painting from Jessica Antonini, a local artist, and were able to donate the proceeds of the sale of the piece to URPride. 
We're also currently working with local graphic designers to put together some limited edition shirts that will provide financial assistance to some CBOs that have seen their funding drop in the last year. The idea for this project came from our collaboration with SaskMusic last summer where we were able to raise over $30k for live music venues in the province. 

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